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What means breeding to me... First it is much easier to explain, what it DOESN´t mean to me.

Breeding should not be only "multiplying" dogs of a certain race.

Breeding should not be "producing" dogs, only to earn money.

Breeding should not be "creating" a dog that fits for everyone!

Breeding for me primarily means enthusiasm for this special race and the will to develop it further as a healthy working dog with good nerves, as it always was and should be!

Also breeding means the vision of the future and further generations, not only planning one litter...

Breeding philosophy: I want to breed a healthy, social, working dog, that fits into the FCI Standard and which is suitable for sports and service, but also is able to live in its familiy.

Of course the careful planning of our matings and the continuing education in international breeding and genetics is normal for us.

Also our matings are only planned with healthy and strong dutch shepherds, which fulfill our breeding philosophy in a special way.

Our dogs all live in our family with sometimes being in kennel- we don´t give our puppies to a new handler where they have to live only in kennel!!

I want to contribute to a very good and powerful dutch shepherd breeding in Germany and I´m absolutely sure, that me and my dogs will succeed in this big aim. Because of this I expect our new puppy owners,to be "good enough" for our pups. This doesn´t mean to be a very succesful handler or exhibitor- it means to handle the dog as a working dog that lives with its pack in every day life.

Our dogs all have working and drive skills, which are  high above average, but they are also able to be only a dog on its walk or in its family.

I don´t see our puppies only as family dogs without any sports or service tasks!!

A- Wurf 8. Woche
A- Wurf 8. Woche

All Dutch shepherds I choose for breeding have certain skills, that I want to see from a working dog: very good to extreme eating, an outstanding prey drive and stable nerves with good social behavior. The ranking of these skills doesn´t matter and is not relevant, because all are very important for me in breeding.

I´m member in the German kennel club HSCD e.V. and in the Austrian kennel club CHSÖ. Our puppies get VDH/ FCI- papers and are of course vaccinated, chipped and dewormed when they leave our home.

Semtex- 14 Wochen alt
Semtex- 14 Wochen alt

In addition to the purchase contract and many written information, every new puppy owner gets a DVD or USB stick with many fotos and videos of its dog from the first eight weeks.

All interested people are of course invited to visit our little ones from week four on.

I´m available for all our new puppy owners for all kinds of questions, to help and to support on their way with their new familiy member.

I´m happy about fotos and reports because every pup gets its own little page on our homepage, which will be filled with all information I get.

If you are interested in a puppy, please contact me via the contact form or e- Mail.

It is also possible to get to know us and our dogs privately and at work!!

Here are the subpages, which soon will be availabe in English too: